Boldic award 2016 nomination registration

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Nominate for Boldic Award 2016

1. Name of person/organisation put up for nomination*

2. Name of contact person for the nomination*

3. Your E-mail address as contact person (optional)*

4. Phone number of contact person*

5. Name of project/activity put up for nomination*

6. Short summary*

7. Please give a web address if the ODL project/activity has one

8. Please give a web address if you have a slideshare or an alternative online presentation of your ODL project/activity

9. Please give a short description of the size/magnitude of the ODL project/activity*

10. Please argue why this ODL project/activity should be nominated for the Boldic Award (400-2000 words)*

11. Fileupload your suggested nominee for Boldic Award 2015, pdf file (maximum 4Mb)


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