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Cross boarder collaboration” is the winner of Boldic Award 2015.

See Diploma and motivation here

See video from BA2015 prize ceremony

Boldic Award 2015 is supported by Nordplus and the winner of 500 Euros is the project“Cross boarder collaborationfor educational cross-border teaching models. The project has been working with ICT , information and communication technologies in a innovative way.

Partners are Danish, Norwegian and Swedish schools.

The project started in 2011 and finalized in 2014.

The overall goal for the project is to develop innovative cross-border teaching models by the means of user driven, practice-based co-design processes between practitioners and researchers.

GNU is a three-year collaboration between 18 Swedish, Norwegian and Danish school classes. The overall goal has been to develop innovative and transnational education models where teachers and students in the Nordic countries co-operate with the help of digital technology.

The jury motivation is that this is an innovative project of open and distance learning and it promotes models for online learning and ICT-supported flexible lifelong learning in the Nordic and Baltic region.

Congratulations and read more about the GNU project here.
http://projektgnu.wordpress.comSee nominations for BA 2015 here ! 

Prize cermony was held in Oslo the 9th of november at Fun Kon 2015 conference.
FunKon 15 conference link here

Boldic olro dissemination will took place at the FuN Kon 15 Conference the 9th of november.

Specific program_for BOLDIC_OSLO_Conf 9th_ 10th of Nov

Program for the Open Boldic session – Open Online Distance Learning and good practice Room (O1)

14.00 OER and quality in online learning. Ebba Ossiannilsson, Vice President The Swedish Association for Distance Education/SVERD. SWEDEN

14.45 Collaborative idea development in educational settings. Henri Pirkkalainen, University of Jyväskylä, FINLAND

15.00 Blog-based courses in higher education: experience from Tallinn University Hans Põldoja, Tallinn University

15.15 Distance education for the slaughter houses – a way to meet the new EG regulations. Maria Lingaas, the Swedish university of Agricultural Sciences



The previous winner of Boldic Award 2014 was Norwegian digital learning arena (NDLA)  Boldic_Award_2014.

The winner NDLA was celebrated at the SVERD autumn conference  ”Change in learning” which took place the 23 th of October in Stockholm.

Se video from the Boldic Award ceremony 2014.

The Prize was delivered to Liv Heidrun Heskestad from the NDLA projet and they gets honour, a trip to BA 2014 ceremony and 500 Euros.Announcement :

Boldic Award 2014 at Boldic Olro Conference Riga (14.10.13) Link to NDLA repository with Open educational resourcesSee all Nominations for Boldic Award 2014

Program_Boldic_Riga_2 days conf_13_14_oct_2014_origProgramma_e_studiju_tehnologijas_ENG_v.4

Videos from Boldic olro conference in Riga 13th and 14th of october.
See recorded webinar with Boldic Award winner NDLA from 4th of June-2015.ladda ned_oivind

You can see the webinar recorded at this link

See invitation in this pdf  Open education week 11 – 2015 see link 



Boldic webinare for dissemination of Boldic olro and Boldic Award  Boldic_2014_600





Boldic olro Riga project group at Boldic Riga conference 2014Boldic project group Boldic olro Kickoff meeting okt 2013 in Stockholm


About the Boldic project

“Boldic – open learning resources online” project will deepen and bring further the co-operation between Nordic and Baltic organizations dealing with distance education, flexible learning and e-learning.

- Project summar
1. Continue, deepen and develop the process from the project Boldic Perspectives Online.
2. Develop and maintain the Boldic Award nomination and Award process.
3. Establish Annual conferences concerning dissemination and best practice in
open learning resources online area.
4. Establish Webinars before and after the Annnual conferences,
with focus on open learning resources online.
5. Maintain and develop the website

Project Activities
- Boldic Award – Nomination process – Award process 2013. 2014 and 2015
– Annual conferences
– Webinars in Baltic and Nordic region.- Sustainable network buildingDissemination

Link to Boldic olro webinar 2014-04-15 in English

Why spend time on MOOCs and OER ?Webpublications , Main information area will be webbpage and national magazines as Sverdnytt , Synkronnett etc
Annual conferences.


Boldic Olro Project period from  01-06-2013 –  until 31-12-2015
 Partners -



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Videos from Boldic Riga conf 2014

Link to the Boldic Riga presentation videos:











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